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1920s Australian Criminal is actually Rorschach

February 11, 2011

From: La Boite Verte

I love how if you erase the floaty white writing some of them look like street style shots. They probably committed terrible crimes, but since they committed them a century ago that means we can feel free to forget about it. Who cares if someone died ninety years ago? We’ll all be dead ninety years from now anyways.

Fresh from the Sartorialist (not really):

Young Australia – I bumped into Sherry and Majora at the Sydney police station today. Look at the proportions of her oversized cardigan and her headscarf. I’ve been looking for a fur coat lately. I think the secret is to find a square one that’s not too short, don’t you?”

Find more of these at: La Boite Verte

This one is my favourite, because he looks exactly like what I imagined Walter Kovacs (Rorschach) from Watchmen looks like.

I found that Jackie Earle Haley is a touch too defined for Rorschach’s smashed-by-a-cement block features – I think it must be the cheekbones.


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