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The Main Problems with the Planned Parenthood Video

February 10, 2011

From Live Action

It’s like watching a candid clip on Youtube of a cat attacking a five year old toddler, and then suddenly declaring all cats are malicious shitbags freshly squeezed from Beelzebub litter box itself.
Besides, it seems depressing to consider the alternatives. Assuming that they received the message – what were the receptionist and the doctor supposed to do? Immediately become all up in arms about the suspected sex trafficking and kick them out of the clinic? Sex workers deserve decent health care too if they need it. Should the receptionist have alerted the authorities? But then how did we know they didn’t do so? Even more depressing – how often does this happen at this clinic? If there is a steady stream of prostitutes and their pimps coming in asking about abortions and contraceptives, then maybe they’ve discovered in the long run it helps more to offer immediate aid then to contact the police. Being a legal grey area , Prostitution is stigmatized and misunderstood. Most prostitutes hardly have the safest of jobs due to strict laws governing their working conditions. I admit that I don’t know very much about the clinic or the situation, so I can’t say anything definite. This is all speculation. But I just want to point out there are some very large logical gaps in the arguments surrounding the video.

Inappropriate response about underage sex workers

Planned Parenthood is MADE OF EVIL

It’s stupid to attack the entire Planned Parenthood organisation from this one incident. In any case, they doesn’t just provide abortions: they also offer sex education and emergency contraceptives and STD treatments. We can’t just declare the doctors evil, attack them for only the abortion part, and then conveniently forget the rest. That’ll be like declaring all cats evil

The most they can argue is that Planned Parenthood needs to have better procedures in place to deal with sex workers and exploited underage girls. The same way that we can’t suddenly shove Fluffy out into the cold for something his furry peers have done. One clip doesn’t prove anything, not when it comes to a collection of beings so vast and varied like the feline species or an international health organization.

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