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Difficulties of a Pajama Adventure

January 19, 2011

One of those seemingly inconsequential things that I spend a good deal of my time pondering over is the Pajama Problem. So titled because I quite like alliteration. To be exact – what would I do if I suddenly receive the call to adventure while in my pajamas?

I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain: Pajamas are strangely popular adventure attire for many, many people. Adventure doesn’t care if you’re asleep or not  when it knocks on your front door (or bedroom window, which I suppose is more appropriate given the circumstances), it barges straight into your dwelling, knocks over a few knickknacks that you’ve always secretly hated anyways, and rummages through your fridge before whisking you off on some grand journey on about page 26. When this happens, the heroes are never dressed like ordinary people. Ordinary people wear ratty flannel pants and worn out promotional t-shirts that clashes horribly with every colour imaginable. They have terrible hair, their breath smells bad, and they’re probably freezing within ten minutes of setting off. Most importantly, there’s the Bra Bother. That is, most women don’t wear their skivvies to bed. When some strangers clambers through your window and tells you that you must set off at once to rescue their mystical kingdom from prickly slug people, should you or should you not tell them to “Hang on a sec, let me grab some support nipple shields for my heaving bosom”? If you’re already grabbing some underclothing, surely it’s only a few seconds of extra bother to grab a pair of jeans and a sweater? In fact, why go in pajamas at all?

But sadly, the vast majority of my night go relatively peacefully and nothing too exciting happens. I’ve still hung on to the hope though. I’m thinking of buying a few nicer pajama sets though. Why do these heroines always have such impossibly nice nightgowns? Wendy from Peter Pan at least has the excuse that she’s from the past, where we all know is a foreign country in which things are done differently. Amy Pond? In my highly professional opinion – kinda weird.*

*Incidentally, did anyone else make that connection? I can’t believe I missed such an obvious allusion – The Doctor is the mysterious not-human who encourages the girl to never grow up, and they fly around in awesome places while she’s in her nightie.

Images: Doctor Who, Arthur Dent, The BFG, Coraline, Peter Pan


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