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Lonely ramblings from 11AM

January 9, 2011

A few loose ideas from those nights that aren’t made for sleeping

Sometimes I’ll hear noises outside my window. Pouring into my room in trickles and weighing me down until I can’t breathe – until the floorboards are creaking under their weight – so wet and swollen. I hear music,cadenzas created by the wind and the noise of the jet engines above. Both are incessant, they are tireless. They curl in, filtered by the bricks and the concrete and the glass, and clutchclinggrab my heart and curls up about. The steady ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum of my heartbeat drums on, a slow coda to the mad gypsy melodies soaring in my brain. Mad violins and aetherphones and church organs pound out their bursting cacophony in my head. That’s why I feel an immense sadness when I’m sitting alone, on the bustrainmetro, I watch the people walking by and – what music is playing inside their heads? I would like to touch their skin and wait for the static of their thoughts to wash over me. I would like to escape inside someone else’s skin for a while, and listen to the rhythm of their breathing on a lazy summer morning. Feel the electricity running hot beneath their skin and be happy in their charge.

Image credit: Theremin, Shanghai cityscape, Sheet music

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